“Shaking” It Up With Some New Recipes

shake-vs-fast-lunchOur Strawberry Shakeology came along with my brand-new Ninja blender on Friday!!!

I’m going to save the Ninja blender for me and Jake after we get married. I had to get an awesome deal and just got it at Kohl’s!

My mother determined to do a Strawberry Shakeology review right and and I promptly opened up the new essence! Yes, we’re readily excited and a bit nerdy.
*I’m a trainer that is Beachbody, but all the views are my own. If you’ve any questions don’t hesitate to e-mail me. If you would like to attempt Strawberry Shakeology, and like this place it is possible to purchase it through me here.
I began drinking Shakeology back when there were just 2 flavors: Greenberry and Chocolate. That time been reformulated and tastes better, although Greenberry tasted at it. It still is not a favorite. I began drinking it it’d help my digestion which was past not good at the time. I began studying IBSC, and I located Shakeology. I began drinking the chocolate daily, and I haven’t looked back. I even have started carrying it on holiday to help my belly remain joyful with me. Shakeology also can help with cholesterol, and fat loss, energy overly though.
Anytime is a fresh flavor, I’m all over it. It is also drunk by my mother and her favorite is chocolate. My Mom’s second favorite is Strawberry! My Mom combines it.
We first combined and ice and the new Shakeology flavor. It was not extremely bad!

My main takeaways were:

It’s also less sweet.
Strawberry Shakeology
We also needed to try the Strawberry Shakeology recipes that have been comprised to a few.
It reminded me a little from Smoothie King of Angel Food Cake; it is less sweet.
1/2 moderate ripe banana
Smattering of ice
If you’re wanting it a little sweeter, you’ll be able to add honey or 1 teaspoon Stevia to it. I truly enjoyed it as is.
The Strawberry Lemonade perfect for summer and seemed awesome to me. It was awful!!
2 Tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon maple syrup
I was simply not a fan in any way.
I also only purchased almond milk to attempt in a Strawberry Pecan Cream recipe. It calls for 1 cup non fat almond milk, 1 scoop Strawberry Shakeology, and 2 Tablespoons chopped, uncooked pecans.
The new Strawberry Shakeology attempted?

It’s possible for you to purchase some of the flavors, or Strawberry Shakeology by means of this link from me.
All the views are my own and I do actually drink this milkshake regular. For those who have any questions don’t hesitate to e-mail me.
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