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Metakix - Connect and Inspire!

Bombay rockers Metakix have officially released their most awaited 3rd album ‘Connect and Inspire’ with ten songs that capture 2 years and the best two years if I may add of the band’s journey captured in them.

RadioVeRVe is honoured and thoroughly excited to be radio sponsors for this album that Metakix has released and we recommend that all of you go over right now and get yourselves a copy of it!

Watch out for a Metakix special on RadioVeRVe coming very soon and lots more Metakix stuff that will get you up close and personal with them and their music!

If you are still wondering where to get your copy from, MusicYogi is a very good place to start and while you are at it, you could pick up a lot more Indian Independent music over there .. Now you have no reason to wait!

About Metakix’s music

Metakix has always unleashed music that is versatile and transcends genres. The music is driven by groovy heavy guitar riffs, accompanied by pounding bass riffage and attacking drums. Layers of spacey clean passionate vocals add the electric element to the music. Often the music is textured with distorted vocals, acoustic guitars or psychedelic sounds. Not to mention a regular dose of well-structured lead guitar solos! The band mixes various influences like classic rock n roll, blues, indian classical, stoner rock and thrash metal resulting in unique compositions and arrangements that eventually make them stand apart!

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