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Shoestring releases 'Thirty Something'

After a year of working and promises and following up, Manoj Jacob of Shoestring has released his second album ‘Thirty Something’. This album is available for FREE DOWNLOAD with Manoj writing about the stories that made each song on his blog . Its a wonderful read and the songs that I’ve downloaded so far have been quite wonderful!

So go right on … head there and check it out for yourselves … Shoestring’s album has been released under the Creative Commons which we at RadioVeRVe completely endorse for Independent artists. More on that soon …

In Manoj’s words …

I’ve been on the tail of this album for a year now. It’s take me that amount of time to coax the songs out, put it through the studio and finally arrive at a result that I am very satisfied with. There are 6 songs in all. I had planned to have 8, but my move to Chennai curtailed that.

‘Thirty Something’ is lyrically a very different album from my first effort. I’ve consciously tried to write about issues that have touched me – war, racism, credit card debt… Topics I was provoked to write about, by my own experiences. The songs themselves will tell you more.

In time honoured fashion, I’d like to express my gratitude to a few people who helped me along the way.
Ricky Kej and Abhijit Shylanath of Raveolutions Studios, Bangalore. And Dominic D’Cruz and Robert D’Souza, guitarists of extraordinary calibre.

‘Thirty Something’ will be released on this blog as a free download. One song every week, starting tomorrow. Do come by, and if it’s not too much of a bother, pass the word around.

So There you have it … pass the word around :)

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