RadioVeRVe started as an experiment in late 2003 to help independent musicians across the country promote themselves.

The domain expertise gained over all these years led the team to believe that Internet Radio was finally mature enough to go mainstream and accordingly, in 2006, the experiment was expanded into RadioVerVe which aims to grow beyond genres and regions to promote independent musicians from all packets of the country.

Music, especially contemporary music in India has been progressing at a stupendous rate over the past few years and today it has reached a point where one cannot but sit up and take notice. A wave of freshness and originality has been welling up for sometime now which should soon reach its peak.

RadioVeRVe was formed at the beginning of this wave and has been trying to take the goodness of this music to the masses in a form that is appealing to them.

Today, RadioVeRVe is all set to ride this wave and change the face of entertainment in India. Drawing on the experience of the many years of intimate involvement with the music scene, the technology advantage and the limitless possibility of the world wide web, RadioVeRVe aims to be at the forefront of the "Indian Independent Music Revolution".


Shreyas "Shres" Srinivasan

Shreyas is BE, Computer Science from PESIT Bangalore. He worked at Novell India Ltd for two years in their Linux Desktop Group. A keen contributor to the Free and the Open Source movement he brings into the team, an in-depth knowledge of open-source technology and a keen eye for possible new ideas.

He is also a keen music follower and can be seen sporting his ipod at all times.

Gaurav "Josh" Vaz

Gaurav is the creative genius behind the radio shows. A professional musician and a radio jockey himself, Gaurav combines in-depth knowledge of producing radio content with amazing creativity to produce and deliver high quality content. Gaurav also has a great relationship with independent artists across India, which makes it easier for RadioVeRVe to procure new music and create new bonds.

Kaustubh "Houndbee" Srikanth

Kaustubh has been a independent IT consultant for over 6 years. He understands the intricacies of setting up a successful business along with a flair to pick and retain the best talent.

Also, as a user-experience guru, he understands the needs of the users and has enough flair to bring them to life.

Atul "Toolz" Chitnis

Atul is a technologist and currently works with Geodesic Information Systems Limited as Senior Vice-President. His focus areas include mobile and hand-held computing, wireless data networks, matching available technologies to actual requirements, Linux and Open Source and computing in entertainment technologies (especially the music industry). One of the initial angel investors in RadioVeRVe, Atul brings to the team vast experience and market understanding.

VaibhaV "Dalfry" Sharma

VaibhaV is "root at radioverve dot com". he brings to the table his extensive knowledge and experience in all matters related to IT infrastructure, and ensures that our online resources function as they should. He questions everything that happens on the systems, and would ideally secure them by disconnecting them from the internet - something that doesn't work quite well with our operations. :) When he isn't making servers jump through hoops, he flies model airplanes, and recently graduated to real airplanes.

Aditi Surendra

Aditi is currently pursuing BA major in English through correspondence and does a bit of event and band management. Her musical tastes range from Rock n Roll to Heavy Metal.. Her other interests include dancing and writing. She wants to open an event management company to support independent Indian musicians and grow old and teach English!

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