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Band Lineup:

Chayan Adhikari Abhishek Mathur Arpan Guha Thakurta Anindo Bose
Suhail Yusuf Khan Ujwal Nagar Kumar

Advaita is a psychedelic fusion band based in New Delhi, India. As our name suggests, (an ancient Indian philosophy), the band has a spiritual dimension, which runs through our work.

The music of this band is deeply inspired by the vastness and depth of this philosophy. In our own way, we attempt to dissolve into the world we perceive, and discover music that resonates around us and within us.

Many great musicians, especially in the Indian Classical arena, speak of the pursuit of that incredible moment during performance when the musician becomes the music and forgets his own identity.

Though the band considers themselves to be just toddlers as musicians and performers, their pursuit is one that excites and inspires them and they hope that as a band they can strive towards reaching even a small fragment of that space.

A recurring theme in many of their songs is about finding a way back home, or ones true nature – towards experiencing oneness.

Advaita’s musical soundscape is created by the interplay of the western instruments like guitars, drums and keyboards with the traditional Indian flavour of the Sarangi, tabla and Hindustani classical vocals.

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