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This is where it gets real good.

Go on, click on where it says “Listen Now”. Go on, don’t be scared…

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If things don’t happen for you automatically, try this

Free Operating Systems

  • XMMS: Ctrl-L > http://play-hi.radioverve.com/ (Make sure you enable “shoutcast-style-metadata” in your mpeg input plugin)
  • RhythmBox: Ctrl-I >http://play-hi.radioverve.com/ (By Pradeep Kishore)


  • Windows Media Player: Ctrl-U > http://play-hi.radioverve.com/
  • Winamp: File > Play URL > http://play-hi.radioverve.com/
  • iTunes: Advanced > Open Stream > http://play-hi.radioverve.com/

And PLEASE – send us feedback! Use the form or send email to music (at) radioverve dot com.

Remember, this is India’s only radio station playing Indian independent music!

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