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After Taste

Band Lineup:

Alister Michael Ruel Levin

Born in the suburbs of this city of Mumbai, After Taste was conceived by a desire for musical expression and energy release. Consisting of Alister (ex-ACO) on vocals, Michael (ex-KSM and ex-ACO) on guitars, Ruell on bass and Levin (Ex – Medusa) on drums, After Taste breathed it’s first in Arun, the earlier drummer’s garage.

Since Al and Michael had jammed in the same band previously, all it took was the introduction of Ruell to slam the right notes on his bass and Levin to Hold The Band Together after Arun Quit the Band. Having grown up listening to artistes like RATM, Pearl Jam, AIC, STP, Dream Theatre, Staind, Massive Attack and Goo Goo Dolls, our originals tend to contain bits and pieces of our heroes mingled with our own ideas, perspectives and experiences. We’ve recorded one of our originals for private circulation called ‘Ash faced’ which talks about alienation and one individuals fight to find his identity.

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