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Band Lineup:

Sunneith Revankar Aditya Gopinathan Ameya Kulkarni Anshul Adhikari

Four piece from Mumbai bringing it with a hybrid of Metalcore, Thrash and Math. Varied influences triggering an unrelenting assault of Polyryhthmical oneliners. Recent Achievements Winners at L.T.College fest 2006 Runners up at SPCE, S.P. College of Engineering, 2006 Runners up at Arcane Illusions, S.N.D.T., 2006 Were Part of the Valentine Massacre, sharing the stage with bands like Metakix, Redemption, Brute Force, Redemption and Bhayanak Maut, with only 3 gigs under their belt. Recent shook the foundation of Rockbottom, playing at Metal surge along with kickass band such as Devoid, Skincold and Bitchslap. Coming to Eradicate all things Feeble soon…

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