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Bhayanak Maut

Band Lineup:

Vinay Venky Vinit Rahul

Bhayanak Maut was named so to dispel all notions about band names in India, which are either corny or atrociously Indian. The name was therefore chosen as it defines them as a band, fun yet crushing. Funnily, the name itself has been able to generate a million reactions from metal heads all over, reactions ranging from amusement to amazement.

The band came together roughly a year ago and has already played quite a number of shows impressing people all over. Their music is an eclectic mix of metal / hardcore / death metal /nu-metal. This is owing to the varied musical interests of the band-members ranging from Death to Deftones. The band believes in making original music as they believe that it is their extension into the musical dimension.

Though the band line up changing frequently, the band still held on and the line-up couldn’t get any better now with Vinay, Rahul, Venky and Vinit. The band has seen a meteoric rise in their popularity playing at competitions like RAIT Horizons, IIT Chennai – Saarang (Finalists), NLS Strawberry Fields Bangalore and numerous gigs at venues like Razzberry Rhinoceros, Cyclone. They played at the first gig at JRO 2004 and also came third at Blitzkreig 2004 – the IIT Delhi competition. They also coveted top honours at the prestigious NLS STRAWBERRY FIELDS, Bangalore.

They have also released a 7 song album called ‘Hell Is All People’ which has become a great hit among metal fans.

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