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Band Lineup:

Sujay Tony Arvind Praveen Kishan

Bhoomi was formed around the April of 2002 in Bangalore when Sujay, Praveen, Arvind,and Sohan came together in an engineering college. Rising from the Traditional Indian Rock Schooling, Their influences range from megadeth, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and the likes, After tinkering around with names like ‘rhythm and black’, ‘cold ash’ or other such bad puns these guys finally decided to stick to an Indian name and went on to become a very popular band in the college circuit. Consisting of Sujay – Vocals, Arvind Sampath – Guitars, Praveen B.V -Bass, Sohan Shenoy – Drums.

One of the few bands in the scene who play all original sets with a lot of individually strong songs, Bhoomi has some great songwriting skills too. The latest being ‘Shiver to the Sun’ about the AIDS epidemic bears a nice sensibility and thankfully, there are no other songs about medievial settings, warlords, or how they were heartbroken. and the crowd loves it. Some of the landmarks have been the legendary IROCK where they played an all oc set eventhough the organisers had strictly instructed the bands to play 3 Cover!!! and 1 Oc set!!! winning the Coveted Strawberry Fields as a college band in 2002 and runners up as a semi pro band in 2003.

Their current lineup consists of sujay on vocals, praveen on bass kishan on drums tony on guitars and arvind on guitars. Bhumi are recording as we speak and should be out with their new album very soon.

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Ram says:

Hi Guys,
great idea this.
How about some carnatic classical from up and coming youngsters? Be glad to help.

Sep 3, 12:11 AM

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