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Band Lineup:

Trey Jash Jordache Jordan Sheldon

Bitchslap started off in April of 2004 , when Joe (Guitars), Jash (Guitars),Sheldon (Drums) and Trey (Vocals) met up. The band struggled to find a bassist for a while and finally in October of 2004, Jordan (Bassist) was found. With a wide range of influences ranging from Sepultura, Slayer to Slipknot and Hatebreed, the band initially started working on covers.

Their demo single ‘Salvation’ has received great reviews and these guys show they have the song writing skills. Good music combined with an intense stage act these guys are a bright spark on the scene. They are also known to cover nu-metal acts such as Slipknot as well as bands like Chimaira.

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