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Dark Project

Band Lineup:

Sudipto Biswas Sauvik Biswas Ugyal Tshering Lama Bakaraju Bharat Arunava Chakrabarti

It was a cool sunny day of mid April, when the spirits were as high as the sun and the minds were fresh and open to ideas. It was the annual function of their Higher Secondary School and being a final year student Sauvik decided to do something on the occasion. Being a listener of a variety of music, he decided to perform a song. Of course he couldn’t do it by himself… He needed some more people. Finally after approaching some ten odd people, four others agreed to join him – Sudipto, Nabyendu, Bikram and Somadittya. Initially the former three were meant for background vocals and the latter to program beats and to look after the keyboard duties. The resources were limited (one wouldn’t even imagine how really that word “limited” meant) and so the idea of performing any rock song or technocratic alternative was ruled out. Finally the song “No Matter What” by Boyzone was selected as the one. In due course of practice sessions, Sauvik got drifted towards his guitar and the others, who were drifted towards English music, took the task of the lead singing, too. The show fortunately became a hugely appreciated one despite the fact that we had so “ limited ” resources.

What followed was a diversion for Sudipto. He was attracted towards the magical world of foreign music and when the other students would be out in the sun doing what they thought was the best, these people would be making new songs and singing them (of course to make merry) in the classroom. This vaguely triggered an ambition to do the unlikely – form a band and create music. Except for Sudipto, no one else reciprocated the idea.

Over here 12th standard (year of graduation from high school) is the year of the headache. Primarily because this is the time when everyone works hard to persue their goals in life. The future seemed to engulf them with nowhere to go. However the unlikely happened and Sauvik got chance to study engineering at the most coveted place in Indian Sub-Continent. The basic question still remained un-answered. Was it essential to lose one’s dreams?

After a week of introspection he decided to join a 5-year course in IIT Kharagpur so that Sudipto might get into some professional course the next year which would be of 4-years duration and they can pass-out together. As written in destiny he joined IIT to persue a Dual Degree Course in the field of Aerospace Engineering. The next year Sudipto got himself admitted in Haldia Institute of Technology persuing major in Information Technology. The two institutes are close enough and one can easily travel to and fro in less than 3 hours.

The sessions generally take place in Kharagpur with the Hall’s instruments to back them up.

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