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Demonic Resurrection

Band Lineup:

The Daemonstealer Husain Mephisto DP

One of the most controversial, exciting and talented bands of the Indian metal scene, the history of Demonic Resurrection or DR as it is popularly known is, if nothing, a story of perseverance. From often being dismissed as a joke upon inception, only to be recognized as a revolution couple of years down the line, DR has earned the respect of fans and critics alike. From being the targets of jealous bands to having demeaning videos being made about them, DR has weathered every storm only to emerge as a stronger force than before.

Formed in the height of the nu-metal craze in the summer of 2000, DR’s unique brand of ‘Demonic’ metal which was, and still is, different from the typical Indian Metallica-derivative rock sound, the early DR material could not be comprehended by many and thus was criticized and lampooned endlessly. Even during this turbulent phase of the band DR strived to achieve the highest possible level of artistic brilliance, unwavered by all the criticism being targeted at them. A couple of good songs later the ‘old’ DR split and it became clear that the Indian metal scene had lost one of its most promising bands.

In face of public disapproval from many a naysayer, the Demonstealer decided to resurrect DR once again. Somewhere in around 2003 the ‘new’ DR emerged with only the Demonstealer present from the inceptive lineup. Ex Disembodied Corpse skin basher JP, bassist Hussain and ace keyboardist Mephisto were inducted into the DR Camp to complete the quadrangle of melodic maelstrom that marauds under the moniker of ‘Demonic Resurrection’. With a new lineup DR decided to start from a scratch and created new songs that were more polished and refined then some of their earlier works. With crowd favorites like ‘Frozen Portrait’ and ‘Spirits of the mystic mountains’ being churned out with regular frequency, DR quickly transformed from the band that everyone loved to hate to the band that everybody loved. Also important to note is that DR have always played an ‘all-original’ set, save for of their cover of Dimmu Borgir’s ‘Spellbound’, as a tribute to one of DR’s idols.

This non-compromising attitude has earned DR the respect it always deserved and made the way for other like-minded bands a whole lot easier to showcase their ‘own’ talent instead of promoting foreign bands. They are one of the few bands who have played at both IRock XIX and GIR 05, two of India’s biggest rock shows. In an effort to promote Mumbai’s extreme metal scene DR have also established their own imprint called Barcode entertainment. Led by DR bassist Hussain, Barcode have successfully organized three iterations of the ‘Resurrection’ metal-fest, where newer bands like Acrid semblance and Third Sovereign have rubbed shoulders with the more established Kryptos and MyndSnare. DR has received airplay in various countries and has also launched their own line of Tees.

So there it is. ‘A darkness descends’; one of the most highly anticipated albums in the Indian metal scene has just been released. This album is an epitaph of all that the DR has stood for more than half a decade. Containing 10 original tracks this album stands against all that has gone wrong. It aims to change perceptions that many have about the ‘scene’. However, most importantly this album heralds the descending of darkness, and as those people in the ‘know’ will tell you, that is what primordial black metal is all about.

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