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Extinct Reflections

Band Lineup:

Arun Sandesh Ramanan kishan

Basically descending from the realm of jp nagar initially formed by the young destructive minds of kishan, sandesh and santhosh in the rainy season of 2002 where each of them handling their duties of playing drums, lead and rhythm respectively without the 4 stringer. the rotation of the cruel earth around the sun witnessed the addition of another maniac arun from the same roots of jp nagar who initially was asked to handle bass.

As time passed they witnessed a serious change in the genre of the music they played becoming more radical and intense. This saw the exclusion of santhosh as his plan of operation was fluctuating between the states and India. as these events took place arun found no reason not to become the rhythm guitarist instead of a replacement. So the band was reformed 2 seasons from its birth.

During the month of May 2004 the band found a bassist ramanan. the band was now complete and equipped with a couple of originals and was named ‘moral collapse’ready to hit whatever competition that came.

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