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Head Rush

Band Lineup:

Bhushan Niranjan Sonu Vishal Aditya

April 2002 and something in the quiet depths central Pune was brewing! 3 guys from a local band: Brief Zilch, Ameya, Bhushan and Aditya had a sudden urge creating of playing acoustic stuff, realizing that no one really did any quality acoustic grunge! Vishal and Niranjan were the obvious choices, the former playing for an already existing acoustic outfit. Niranjan (Vertigo, Organized Chaos) with huge experience behind him, now playing almost for 10 years was going to handle the leads. So was born a grunge outfit HEADRUSH.

The usual problem of finding like-minded musicians wasn’t the band’s foremost obstacle. It was…uhh…the bandname!? After millions of hours of contemplation, a week before their first gig, HEADRUSH was finally agreed upon by everyone. After minor delays and a 2-month period of Niranjan’s disappearance in the UK, Vishal quit his job and the band started rolling.

Their music clearly indicates a heavy influence of Pearl Jam, Alice in chains, Megadeth, Stone Temple Pilots, Agni, Indus Creed et al. Personal influences vary from Dream Theatre to RHCP, Extreme, Skid Row, Robert Plant, Vai and the list would go on. August 2003 Ameya did exit out of the clan to pursue further studies so the obvious choice was Sonu on bass ( ex-MPD)Sonu has definately merged well with their current outfit. Presently they have a real tight electric and acoustic set and are now working on some freaky originals. Recently they did record a demo comprising of three songs..Colour Red, Stay with me and #3. They would rather do a few kick ass originals rather than just belting out some meaningless noise.

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