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Band Lineup:

Arjun ( AJ) Sen Lew Hilt Adhiraj Mustafi

You can see with your ears. HFT is images manifest in sound, in music.

Three musicians converse over the course of a performance.
Three instruments become a colour, a sky, an emotion, a life story, an individual – you.Technically, you’d be drawing from genre after genre and find yourself immersed in lyrical, chaotic, dynamic expressions– a jazz run, a blues walk, a funk groove, an aalaap! Vicariously, you’d be logging into the simplest, most melodic instrumental motifs you’ve ever heard.You’d be caught saying, “This is my tune, and these guys are playing it!”

The new century is now 5 years old, and music has travelled the long and winding…! Contemporary Indian Music is the latest carrier. It’s new, and there’s a huge amount of space. The forms that were the rage (jazz, blues, and rock) all happened when they happened.
They can’t happen anymore. They could be revisited, but then you wouldn’t really be making music. Here’s where the three individuals at HFT step in – as masters of their craft – to make music.

This is not jazz. Not fusion. Not an instrumental act. Not a rock band. Not guitar, bass and drums. Simply put – it’s HFT!

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