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Human Abstract

Band Lineup:

Anuj Rohan Ninad Abhishek

Human Abstract was basically formed in November 2003 when Saurabh, Rohan and Abhishek started jamming on songs that they enjoyed playing. The original line-up being Saurabh on Bass and Vocals, Rohan on Guitars and Abhishek on drums. Soon Pratik joined them on Bass so that Saurabh could handle only Vocal duties and Human Abstract was formed. In April 2004 Pratik had to leave for U.K to pursue academics so the band got a new Bass player in the form of Ninad who was then playing for Blood Bath Regiment. This line up lasted till June when Saurabh decided to stop singing and play Bass again and Anuj joined the band in June 2004. Since then the line-up has been the same. Both line up changes have influenced and contributed to the band’s sound that has constantly evolved.

In its early days the band’s sound was more towards music that could be equally enjoyed by rock listeners as well as people who are not into rock. The band started off with covers of bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, Lenny Kravitz and Collective Soul. Gradually the list of covers extended to bands like AudioSlave, Rage Against The Machine and Limp Bizkit. The sound of the band in terms of self-compositions varies diversely from simple melodic tunes to downright driving riffs. Currently the band is working on recording a demo one of their songs and making some songs to expose people to their sound.

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beelzebub says:

Just heard ‘Cry’.. very nice!

Aug 4, 08:45 AM

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