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Joint Family

Band Lineup:

Akshay De Rahul ‘Sainani’ Rohit ‘Amwan’ Clarence Gonsalves Shardul Mehta

Joint Family was born on December 27th 2004. The line was (and still is) Shardul and Rahul Sainani (both ex cyanide) on skin bashing and guitar respectively, Rohit Amwan on guitar, Akshay de on vocal manipulation and Clarence (ex incognito and currently with Artist Unlimited and Level9) on bass. As they say ‘Great minds think alike.’…. so was the case with Joint Family. Akshay had been after his friend Clarence to form a nu metal/mosh rock outfit for the past three years nut nothing had really happened as both were busy with exams and Clarence was busy with other bands at that time. At this same time Sainani and Amwan who were also friends were thinking about forming a hardcore band and approached Clarence who had played with them as freelance bassist. The time must have been right because Clarence suddenly found himself bombarded by the same thought that he had in mind, from three different minds too. And he knew exactly what to do and got all these minds together along with another great mind on the drums who just happened to have a great set of hands n legs as well. “We came together deciding to do a particular song for our first jam but most of us dint really know our parts.. hell some of us hadn’t even heard the song very carefully. Clarence
spent about an hour and half in vain trying to teach the parts. Frustrated, Sainani played the intro of blind and one by one everybody joined in. I was shit scared because I hadn’t ever been in a band n now suddenly we were doing a whole song …. and I dint even know the verse. But as soon as I screamed ‘Are you reeaaaddyyy’, I could a smile on everybody’s face and everything just fell into place. Every body in that room including friends of shardul’s were headbanging like crazy.” – Akshay People who were present at the unveiling of this storm, described Joint Family as
‘The Return of the Tsunami’. Soon more and more people gathered at the practice place to check out for themselves what they had been hearing from others. Word of mouth spread like wild fire and Joint Family got their first gig in a matter of days…. Well make that twelve.

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