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Killer Tomatoes

Band Lineup:

Dinesh Bhushan Bumpy Sajid Abhishek

A very together, tight band, Killer Tomatoes have won the prestigious ‘Livewire’ competition at mood-I, IIT-Mumbai. ‘Can Chimp Live Forever’, their original composition, is pure adrenaline rush, executed with precision and admirable musicianship. This band came together for the sole purpose of ‘playing live shows, live shows and more live shows!’ Bumpy draws his bass influences from Indraneel (Orange Street), Chintan (Parikrama) and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and his musical interests range from hip-hop to modern electronic jazz. Sajid draws influences from Tom Morello, Jeff Healey etc., while Bidi is into bands like Journey, Toto and Sting. Although Dinesh has no instrument, he is still the loudest onstage. His high impact and energetic attitude get the crowd going at every Tomato performance. The band describe their sound as a combination of grunge + rap + funk. Down from Bidi’s good ol’ rock & roll attitude and Dinesh’s upfront brashness, to Bumpy’s weirdness and Sajid’s simplicity, the band acts out their belief in ‘everybody being the frontman’, and keeps the crowd glued to their music and performance.

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