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Level 9

Band Lineup:

Michelle Lobo Anirudh Goswami nikhil auluck Clarence George Gonsalves Vishal Lomjail Prasun Lomjail Adhiraj Mustafi

Level 9 – An energy packed offering that has lots to show. From a female vocalist, to a bassist who plays in a style unseen before, to fret-burning, keyboard thumping solos, to a soft violin amidst progressive rhythms…it’s all there.

Level 9 comes together to play mostly original music that reflects the various and versatile influences each artist draws from. With a sound that projects colours of jazz, funk, blues and progressive rock, Level 9 moves away from the “die-hard rock-till-you-drop” genre to provide a new kind of energy straight from the heart.

About them:
Michelle – michelle is the newest addition to the band, with a background training with the illustrious Artistes Unlimited, Michelle’s blues style and influences blend perfectly with the Level 9 sound.
Anirudh – Anirudh began to study western classical music at the age of 13. Having moved through the formal structure, he grew to experiment with rock and blues and is currently exploring the world of jazz guitar.
Adhiraj – Having played music from the age of four, Adhi spent a lot of time with a variety of instruments including the piano and guitar and finally settled on the drums. With interests and influences spanning most styles of music, he’s hoping to expand his vocabulary to include jazz and experimental improvisation.
Nikhil – An avid music enthusiast with an eclectic listening repertoire, Nikhil has a keen interest in rock. He has previously performed with metal outfits such as After Dark and Mercenaries of Charity, and is now aspiring into the domain of funk, blues and progressive rock.
Clarence –perhaps the most colourful member of the band, this unique bassist fuses a variety of styles into keeping a steady bass groove. Clarence began his musical career on the piano and shifted to the bass after he completed his grade 7 exams. He has performed with a number of eminent musicians such as Shubha Mudgal, Mosin Menezes and Maxi Peters to name only a very few.
Vishal – Vishal is the essential musician. With his teaching and performing experience, his working knowledge of a variety of instruments and styles has turned him an integral part of the Level 9 backbone.
Prasun – Prasun’s been playing the violin since he was nine years old. Trained in classical music, he enjoys improvising and jamming to progressive music.

They are scheduled to release their first album by the end of this year.

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