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Formed in November 1995, Moksha, with its line up of Leon Ireland on vocals, Christy Samuel and Allen Roy on guitars, iniitially Bobby Baskaran and now Mario Dessmier on bass and Shyam Ranjith on Drums, smashed into Chennai’s dull and dreary rock scene with a sound and act that blew a sleeping city into an awakening they had never experienced before. The first venue to experience the onslaught was MMC, at its western music competition.

They say first impressions last, and that is exactly what happened. For the next two years Moksha spread its magical mayhem through every major college and semi-professional competition in sight. The most notable victories being the ones at IIT Chennai, MMC, National Law School Bangalore and IIT Mumbai. It was after the IIT Mumbai win that Moksha decided to call it quits as far as competitions were concerned. Moksha goes professional…and the rest as they say, is history!!!

Today, Moksha is rated as one of the hottest (if not “the” hottest…) unsigned rock bands in the country. And there’s a lot to back that statement. Firstly, Moksha has won every single competition that it has participated in. And that should be some sort of vague record. Secondly, after rocking the shit out of people through gigs across the country, Moksha has slowly but steadily built a huge fan following that continues to grow with every new venue that faces the music. But the big one is this…Moksha has been released by an international record label, “Energie Records”, Italy, on two tribute albums that are being sold all across the US and Europe. The first CD to be released was “Children of the Damned – A tribute to Iron Maiden”. This dual CD pack features a medley of ‘Can I play with Madness’ & ‘Trooper’, and also contains an original called ‘Chasing my life’.

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