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Band Lineup:

Nitin Malik Sonam Sherpa Saurabh Choudhary Chintan Kalra Subir Malik Dilip Ramachandran

It is but a way of life for these six, going this way ever since that summer afternoon in Delhi. JUNE 17th, 1991. They named it PARIKRAMA … literal Hindi means revolving around.. encircling etc. In essence, “KARMA”..., living our lives doing what one ought to, keeping to one’s own chosen path, and on and on. They were out of the same school, into the same college, whistling similiar tunes, or sharing brains. It has been so, all these years, it probably will be so awhile. Small wonder then, if you see the same old faces. It only keeps getting rockier and rolliest. Especially the one’s that are dished out with that screeching violin. Or one’s that begin with about thirty fiery balls of fire, not in one bang, but a million colors … so to say :)

And that’s parikrama for you, ladies and the rest of us. They’ve stayed in orbit, and kept the light … from six playing members to ten at times, they love playing those hearts out. And when it’s time to stop playing around, like all good God’s children, them go to work. Yes sirree, all of them us. Subir’s THE manager – bands, events, lives, the family’s and his own dozen businesses. Nitin’s the “Official Music Producer”, with his own studio and the works, while Dilip’s a Video Editor/Producer and Chintan’s also that, and then some. Sonam’s his music school’s headmaster and Saurabh’s the chief guitar maestro and offiicial ‘young boy’of the band ;o) More details can be demanded/requested by communicating at arikrama at parikrama.com or at the respective persons name at parikrama.com

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