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Pin Drop Violence

Band Lineup:

Pradeep Vispy “V.A.S.P.” Mithun “GriDKiD” Rohit “P-man” Jai Rowkavi

Pin Drop Violence (PDV), the five-man chaos-squad consists of Pradeep on vocals, Vispy “V.A.S.P.” on guitars, Mithun “GriDKiD” on guitars, Rohit “P-man” on bass and Jai Rowkavi on drums. They’re all scenesters, mates who come from different cultural and economic backgrounds, what brings them together is a base urge to unleash the demons of fury.

What does PDV mean? A throat that’s coated with iron, violently wrenching out syllables. Fingers blistering through chords. Drum skins tearing open under the beating sticks. Audience howling out the lyrics.But — at times — the violent can also be the silent. That pretty much sums up Mumbai’s metal band Pin-Drop Violence a.k.a. PDV. Shut out their on-stage act and you get a bunch that’s as quiet and “un-rocky” as can be. Come on, how can a banker not be a sober guy? Vispy, who plays lead and rhythm guitar, is just that. And just about everyone else has slotted himself into the nine-to-five routine. However, once in a while, they shake off their sober images and rip through the speakers. As one of the two bands at the JRO finale, PDV promises a “loud, noisy and energy-filled act” every time they get on stage.

From humble beginnings, practicing in the shanties of suburbian Mumbai, just one door, and one bulb, and all connections for the amps coming from that electrical connection, PDV campaigned victories and gigs all over the country.

With an electrifying stage act, and kinetic energy that gets even them most jaded scenester headbanging, PDV has earned a reputation of being one of the most explosive live acts. It’s been five years since the band started off on this zero sum venture, and they’ve survived it, because the love doing what they do.

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