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Band Lineup:

Teemeer Chimulka Gilroy Fernandes Janus Sanyal Keyboardist Aniket Waghmode

Take a handful of iron filings and scatter them over a tin sheet. Now rapidly move a large magnet underneath. THAT is what a Sceptre gig looks like.

For the benefit of clueless people, Sceptre are a four-member metal band from Mumbai having developed a formidable reputation for their live shows Timir, Aniket n Janus officially got together as a band on December 1, 1998 and within a couple of weeks they were playing their first gig at IIT, Bombay. They’ve have been going strong ever since.

First there was the “big idea”. It occured to Timir when he attended a Parikrama concert. The whole at’mosh’phere fired him up and he simply knew THAT this is what he ought to be doing. He got introduced to Aniket and all they were meant to do was to get together, get on the bandstand and play like madmen.
Thereafter it was a mad rush; first, to get a decent jamming place, then to get a decent lead guitarist. For the bassist they didn’t have to go far- Janus a good friend of Aniket’s, gladly volunteered. They had to go through a couple of lineup changes as far as the fourth guy was concerned(first Ajay then Vispy(from PDV)then Amar and now currently Gilroy firmly fitted in the quartet.
The decision to call the band Sceptre (the royal ornament of sovereignty only associated with kings), was unanimous.

Their music slips most comfortably into the thrash-metal genre. Music-wise Sceptre are an angry bunch and their lyrics are a dead giveaway. There’s angst and there’s aggression, there’s rebellion and there’s revolution. Disillusionment giving way to verbal attack, all a backlash at the cesspool that is “the system”! OR To put it plainly, its Timir, writing (read ranting) about all the dirt under the carpet. Very punk-ish themes combined with super-fast riffs. This might be one of the reasons why they warm up to the crowds instantly.
Their first studio recording ‘Nuclear’, a heavy riff(a Dead Sea Scrolls riff) driven song with a catchy chorus is a favorite at their shows while other numbers are the straight ahead ‘The Lost Empire’, the slower ‘The Search’, and the new ‘Revolution’ and ‘Quicksand’.

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kalyan alle says:

u are really rocknig guys …..good death metal keep it up

Jul 17, 12:26 PM

nikhil says:

keep it up people uguys are doing a good job

Sep 15, 08:21 PM

wALF says:

Dude, I played Charred in one of Manhattan’s pub called ‘Headbangers Ball’, they liked it.

Sep 26, 11:20 PM

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