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Band Lineup:

Manoj Jacob Robert D’Souza Jerome Coelho Melwyn Fernandes

Shoestring was born Bangalore, December 2004. Why Shoestring? Well it’s not hard to guess if you have a band of your own. But if not, here’s the answer. Shoestring, as in the chart-busting prefix to ‘budget’.

Some band names they rejected in alphabetical order…

1. Cale & the Garden City Koolkats (we found Robert D’Souza, and Rob & the Garden City Koolkats doesn’t sound very cool)

2. Charlie & the Dingleberries (the chocolate factory beat us to it.)

Not yet one of Bangalore’s hottest bands, but they are warming up to the task.

The first notes of Shoestring were heard with the release of our maiden album, ‘Zaitz Farm Road’. Some called the sound ‘country western’. Others said ‘bluesy’.

Recently they released a single “Whose Line is it anyway”, a song dedicated to all the jawans who lost their life in Kargil.

For more details visit their website

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