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Something Relevant

Band Lineup:

Aazin Anuraag Tanmay Stu Spaz Mac
Ryan Al Jonathan Paul Jehangir Jehangir

Something Relevant is not a band . They are just a group of friends making music instead of wasting our time watching tv . Their gigs are highly unpredictable. They thrive on not knowing whats going to happen i guess. They do jazz sets sometimes,acoustic sets and percussion sets randomly happen during shows;we even did a full Hindi show(at gateway). Their longest jam was at the Jazz August show.. a 25 minute jam which had 12 songs in it..serious chaos,man! . “Music is about being there ;you have to be there in your music and your music has to be there in you” is what they believe in.

FORMED in august 03. These are some scenes that happened: *The International Youth Forum (part of the WSF ‘03) *NCPA Experimental Theatre(Thespo’03,’04) *The Bandra Reclamation Promenade (Celebrate Bandra ‘03) *Gateway of India(World Womens Day feb ‘04) *Carter Road,Bandra(Celebrate Bandra ‘05) *The Grand Hyatt,Mumbai(Oct ‘05) *Crepe Station,Mumbai(Nov ‘05)

They play at Jazz by the Bay regularly, so u can check us out there .

They PLAY what we call Rock-Fusion, which is neither rock nor fusion but a mix of everything that appeals to us. Our sound could be a mix of The Grateful Dead and Incubus. Currently they are tripping on Dispatch,Phish,Bela Fleck,Jack Johnson,Medeski Martin and Wood,Keller Williams,Sound Tribe Sector 9,Bade Ghulam Ali,The Band and Ray Charles.

They are currently working on a 6 track CD which should be out by the end of March. Songs include : *Hey Now *Miracles and Magic *In the Kitchen *Horn OK Please

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eru says:

Saw u guys at the Razz day before.. you seriously rocked it man!! hats off to u.. :-) loved ‘in the kitchen’, and the general atmosphere that you guys create. rock on! cheers

Sep 26, 08:02 PM

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