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Them Clones

Band Lineup:

Prithwish Gucci Joseph Romit Dev

Them Clones were created sometime in July 2000. That year Abeer & Dev were on the look out for like-minded individuals who could play definitive roles in laying the foundations of a new band. It was during Eid, Abeer fortuitously met one Romit Ranjan Gupta at a party with lots of women…(were telling you its always about the women) at Sajid Akbar’s (of Killer Tomatoes’ fame) house. The two got talking & as it turned out Abeer had been jamming with drummer Dev & Romit knew of a guitar player a school mate…Gucci. An appropriate venue for jam was set up at Dev’s house … what was lacking was a vocalist. Ashish “The-Midget” David filled the exhaustive role of a vocalist. Hence the boat was flagged off…and we headed for the horizon. After a series of gigs in our first year Ashish left for greener pastures.
RJ joined the ranks soon after and things got rolling… Coupled with the tremendous joint rolling capabilities of brother Gucci…we roared full speed ahead Abeer, our original guitar player left for a broad…to hone and sharpen his skills…a lasting influence. Raghav followed…and Neha joined in on keyboards…New songs happening all the while …

Two years… and plenty of shows later… Ravi departed for more fruitful ventures…which brings us to the present case scenario.
The vacancies were filled in by Joseph on guitars and Prithwish…who committed himself to vocal duties.
At the end of a period with definitive moments of what Them Clones terms ego bashing, they decided to realize a dream of selling their own songs. Things started rolling with Neha making a zillion copies of CDs and printing their case covers. The news was put up in this site as well as www.rsjonline.com… the EP was released…aptly titled “Them Clones EP”… for the people who made the music feel as big as it is. From June ‘03 till today…10000 sales…and still rolling…

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