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Bad Children - LBG



Bad Children - LBG

After two years hard work, composing and determination, Chennai based rock band Little Babooshka’s Grind (LBG) is back with their second album ‘Bad Children’ released late last year.

You can expect some real hard hitting songs and some very interesting compositions and its clear that the band has put its heart and soul into this album. This is one album you don’t want to pass on .. you should give it a listen. We at RadioVeRVe definitely recommend that you do!

Watch out for the LBG special in the RadioVeRVe playlist going on air with heavy rotation now for all of you to lend your ears to! I caught up with the band for some in depth analysis of their music and the philosophy behind LBG, some trivia and probably the first online radio broadcast of all the songs in their album!

Arjun, Avnith, Maynard, Praveen and Aum are a completely funky bunch who made quite a few people sit up and take notice with their first album ‘The Animal is called the Wallet’ but with ‘Bad Children’ have cemented their place in people’s minds …

Our apologies to LBG for the delay at our end but without much further ado … Ladies and Gentlemen … Little Babooshka’s Grind!

<< Happy Birthday Bruce!        

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Ajay Ganesh says:

Great Going Guys!!! Where can i get their Album??

Feb 24, 05:48 PM

Gaurav says:

Ajay – you can get their album at Music Yogi (http://musicyogi.com). We at RadioVeRVe recommend that you do!

Feb 26, 08:33 AM

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